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You have your wedding dress picked out, now it is time to figure out what to wear to your bridal shower! I was lucky enough to have my wedding dress designer make my bridal shower gown bespoke. If that is not the route you want to take and you are looking to find something off the rack my word of advice is, stick to a silhouette that stays true to your bridal style. For example if you are a bohemian bride that chose a long flowy gown opt for a short dress with a ethereal bell sleeve and a brim hat or a flower crown.

As a future bride myself I have taken stock in all of the feminine silhouettes, delicate lace details, and other trends that are available in fast fashion right now. Do not get me wrong all of which are perfect for a fashion-forward bridal shower – or- rehearsal dinner look– but, if you are craving to step outside the tradition of wearing white and you want to save that for your wedding day by all means do that. As an alternative wear a beautiful pastel pink hue, you will give a new meaning to the phrase ” blushing bride”.

For all of my casual and classic brides to be who want to look effortlessly chic I have a few white dresses and white/ cream separates for you to choose from…. And again, congratulations on snagging the life long partner of your dreams!

Wearing size Xsmall in the top and skirt

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