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  1. Time waits for no one! Do whatever it is that fuels your creativity. If you cant stop thinking about it, maybe you should just chase your passion!
  2. Be wise about your spending habits, don’t spend unnecessarily! Deposit, spend and invest your money wisely. Max out your 401k contributions and prepare for your financial future!
  3. Complaining about everything will not solve your problem!
  4. Don’t compete with other people. Your only motivator should be comparing yourself to the person you used to be!
  5. Take your education seriously. Invest in yourself, read all you can and absorb as much information about the topics that interest you!
  6. Running away from your difficulties in life will not make them go away! You must face your hardships head on so that you can evolve and learn. Ultimately moving past what that season in your life was teaching you!
  7. Do not prioritize love (or lust.. whatever you want to call it at 20 years old) over your intuition! I think we all have that one person we were romantically involved with that distracted us from a goal, passion, productivity, friends…. Lesson learned
  8. Time is a great healer and a deterrent. Everyone has heard the age old phrase “Time heals all wounds” and anyone wasting time suffers a lot.
  9. Not doing hard work and not taking a calculated risk in your twenties may make you resentful! You don’t want to find yourself 15+ years later obsessing over the thought … Should have! Could have! Would have! So study abroad, travel alone, start your blog 😉
  10. Change is inevitable…. Stop trying to control all situations. You will be less stressed and anxiety stricken the more you understand change can be good and lead to better opportunities. I am a firm believer when one door closes another one opens! 9 times out of 10 the room is bigger too! #ThankyouGod

I invite you to share a lesson you want other women to know in the comments down below and always remember live your life for YOU and find beauty in every moment…even those that may not be so glamorous!


Amanda M.


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