Natural glam has been a makeup style I have been gravitating towards as of lately. With my wedding around the corner I am finding myself playing around with different makeup looks to really define what would compliment my natural features and accentuate others such as my eyes or lips.

One of my all time favorites natural glam makeup looks is Janet Jackson’s Way love goes album cover. Or this glam here.

I do not own the rights to this photo-

Weekly, I find myself digging through my makeup bag to pull out the key products featured in the blog post to recreate the above look. In my everyday makeup think  luminous skin, and a soft contour is paramount. It’s the total opposite of full on glam and will take less time to achieve— plus you don’t need to master intricate techniques to get the job done! Sharing below what I use.


One of my tried and trued primers to keep my skin moisturized and supple. Great for prepping the skin by smudging dark marks and pores.


This foundation continues to blow me away it offers the smoothest maximum coverage.

This concealer doubles well to brighten under the eyes and hide any blemishes. I prefer using a waterproof concealer because I primarily use it under my eyes and to cover the hyperpigmentation in the corners of my mouth.


I am falling more in love with this eye palette every time I use it. Love the neutral matte shades and versatility this palette brings to each color combination you try.


Mascara with another eyeliner option

Lashes (Optional)


 Always following my natural shape and arch a filled in eyebrow is an essential step in any makeup look I use color espresso in the brow pencil. clear brow gel is optional but I prefer to lock my brows in place.


To assist in defining your features contouring is a crucial step. I use this palette in the medium to dark to get this soft contour look I mix equal parts of the dark brown, medium brown and golden hue to highlight my cheeks, nose and inner eyelid.


I love this bronzer to buff out any harsh lines that may have been created with the contour in addition to adding more warmth to my face. Always remember to bring the bronzer down onto your neck. Added bonus, this compact smells like a tropical vacation!


No matter the season a peachy blush tone is a my go to and it is a chic approach to defining your features no matter your skin tone. The color Deep Throat – peach with shimmer gives a natural touch while bringing on the right dose of glam.


A great mauve lip combination is a chestnut brown lip pencil and matte nude lipstick color velvet teddy. This is a soft and subtle look that just so happens to look amazing on everyone


I always finish my look with Bake and Set Powder. Helps to prevent creases and seamlessly lock in makeup with a perfectly matte finish and zero flashback when you take photo or videos. I use color honey.

Finalize setting your masterpiece with a finishing spray!

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