The Spring weather here in Atlanta Ga has been absolutely perfect. Warmer temps typically brings about a brighter color pallet and cooler temps evoke a warmer tones. If you follow me on Instagram you know red isn’t my go to Spring color however when I stumbled across this beautiful dress from Red Dress Boutique I had to get it. This dress would be perfect for engagement photos, a gala, or wedding guest dress.


Step one : Choose a shade of red that BEST compliments your skin tone. A little trick to find the right shade of red for you is to look at the color of your veins on your forearm in natural light– that way it will reveal if your veins have a green or blue hue. If you have green undertones, an orange-red is the perfect shade for you. With blue undertones, a blue-red would be your best match. I have blue veins so that is why this red dress is the perfect shade match!

Step two: After you have chosen the perfect shade for you choose an item for Spring that will give you complete versatility. I can dress this up with heels and accessorize for a gala or dress this down with flops and a denim jean jacket– I am a big proponent of maximizing my wardrobe. With this dress I can wear this in Spring, Summer and around the Holiday Season where you typically see red.

Step three: Red is a bold color so do not overdue it with pairing your red piece with too many patterns and other vibrant colors. For some it can be intimidating to pull off such a bright color so you don’t want too many colors competing for attention on your body. Don’t let that scare you away from giving it a try after all, fashion is about taking risks and having fun – and let me assure you, red is probably the most “fun” color to wear. Red is always a head-turner! 


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