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I have discovered a way to escape the monotony of staying in lately. If you aren’t comfortable traveling right now due to the pandemic I understand, many of us are itching to get out and travel. Why not opt for a change of scenery that is close to home with a staycation. I promise that at the end of your stay you wont be charged extra for late check out!

A good staycation needs a plan but the goal is to relax, have fun, and recharge. In 8 ways I have mastered how to my home into a staycation on the weekends and you can too!

  1. Home is now known as yourbnb ( yes, your own personal Airbnb) so pack a tote bag and head to your guest bedroom. Don’t have a spare bedroom? No worries, slumber party in your living room space. If you are anything like me you have put more effort into making your spare bedroom a retreat so that your guest feel like they are staying at a home away from home, if that space is not being used at the moment enjoy it for a night or two!
  2. Freshen up your space. Before your staycation gets underway tidy up. Add a vase of flowers, a new candle or a new set of sheets — anything to freshen up the bedroom and make it feel special will go a long way. 
  3. Dine Al Fresco. When you travel out of town do you find yourself wanting to eat outside to enjoy the beautiful weather? Well, savor the planning of an indulgent meal whether you order from your favorite specialty restaurant or cook yourself a fancy meal– Enjoy what is left of Summer by eating outdoors by candle light. Or, take a strand of festive lights and string them along your patio furniture.
  4. Forget about the time & Social Media! More often than not time doesn’t matter when you are on vacation. Light your favorite candle or turn on your aroma therapy diffuser, put your devices on airplane mode and submerse yourself in a good book or a new TV show.
  5. Take a bubble bath or a candle lit shower. Use your special bath oils or salts you have been saving, now is that special occasion!
  6. Set up a cocktail bar! Grab your favorite light bites. Improvise with a lunch box if you don’t have an ice bucket– fill it with ice, your beverage of choice + mixers to add to the night stand. Cheers!
  7. Set aside some to to do yoga, stretching or meditation. Another great way to have a staycation at home is simply activate your mind body and spirit. Daily yoga, stretching, relaxation time or meditation is a great way to decompress the same way you would on a beach or in a spa.
  8. Massage time. Have your roommate or significant other be your masseuse and you can be theirs. What better way to enjoy a staycation than getting a massage? Put on some relaxing instrumentals and give one another a 20-30 minute massage, be sure to choose a quiet, warm space in your house. Within minutes you’ll feel completely relaxed as if you were at a hotel spa getting a very expensive massage. 

SOLO TIP: If you live on your own give yourself a scalp, foot or hand massage with your favorite essential oil.

 I understand isolating can be nerve-racking and it is hard not to let cabin fever set in but I hope these suggestions will help you enjoy your time at home and make the best of being in your space. After trying a few of these you will see that you do not have to hop on a plane and stay in a hotel to have vacation. All it takes is a little effort and imagination and you will be calling the other side of your home your new oasis! Enjoy

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