Makeup Application by Dariana with @DefinedMakeupartistry

From your skin to your smile, there are a lot of elements that go into your wedding day beauty. For me taking care of my physical well being was of the upmost importance not only weeks leading up to the big day but during the planning process. Whether you are prepping for what your makeup will look like on your wedding day or want to know the award winning products all of the beauty gurus on YouTube love, I have put together some wedding makeup tips and grooming advice you will need to take your wedding look to celebrity status!

Things You Should Know Ahead of Your Wedding Makeup and Hair Trial

Remember all eyes are going to be on you at your wedding, I repeat all eyes will be on you! So I can not stress the importance it is to make sure your bridal glam is ON POINT! Thus there is a grave importance behind scheduling a consultation with your makeup artist then a trial run. Scheduling a wedding makeup trial and wedding hair trial before the event will ensure you get all that you desire, you also get a sense of how long the process will take ( timing is crucial the day of the wedding) and you get the opportunity to see how you vibe with the makeup artist and hair stylist. Whether you’re going full glam or going for a soft glam look like I did — Come to your trial with inspiration photos they will help guide the artist because lets face it, they are visual people. TIP: If your makeup artist or hair stylist has come highly recommended or if you have seen their work personally ( outside of social media) book your trial for the day of your engagement photos. One, you can see how their work photographs. Two, you have your glam done for your photos!

Wig Install- @Doseofcarlos Hair Style- @Iamjeremy

Skin Care That Will Make A Difference

I promise you, expensive concealers and foundations will not lay flawlessly on skin that has been abused and mistreated leading up to your big day.  I know this is easier said than done but avoid all of this unnecessary stress to avoid aggravating your skin or causing hives and breakouts. Begin thinking about skin care about twelve to six months out from your wedding date. If you are battling with acne, hyperpigmentation and you want to combat that with something stronger than over the counter remedies book an appointment to see a dermatologist to come up with a treatment plan. That is what I did and I thank myself for doing it because I have cystic acne skin and I wanted to manage the breakouts throughout the year leading up to the big day. If you have the occasional pimple here and there or have dry skin, investing in good products coupled with spending a few extra minutes on your skin every day you will start to see amazing results. Below are a few products that saved my skin.

The Fragrance That Will Leave A Lasting Impression

Nothing ties back to memory more than scent. Scent has the ability to evoke a memory even years later. Choose the best perfume for your wedding style to remind you of your day every time you wear it. My husband wore chanel platinum egoiste and I wore Baccarat rouge 540 layered with Kayali Vanilla 28. You can not judge a fragrance scent by a bottle so if you are wanting something new, plan a trip to Sephora, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom they have amazing selections. Or, lean towards a scent that is meaningful between you and your significant other by using that as a guiding base note to choosing the perfect scent.

Facials, Botox, Fillers Skin Peels Before Your Wedding Day

Now is not the time to experiment with just any aesthetician. Ask your dermatologist or physician for a referral if you are unsure who to trust. If you’re considering Botox or fillers, you’ll want to begin 6 months to 1 year before your wedding. Once you have had several treatments, your pre-wedding treatment can be 1 to 2 months prior. This will allow enough time to pass for any swelling or bruising to disappear.

For chemical skin peels you will want to follow the same 6 month timeline.

In regards to facials, get them regularly, follow the advice the esthetician provides to maintain your healthy glow in between appointments and drink plenty of water to flush out impurities.

Makeup Application by Dariana with @DefinedMakeupartistry

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