Coastal Grandmother style has taken over Summer 2022. The style exudes laid-back, luxe minimalism as if it you are walking fresh-from-the-garden or farmers market lifestyle. The coastal grandmother aesthetic is rooted in light and airy colors and silhouettes not to get confused with overly preppy. For example, a coastal grandmother would wear a striped sweater over a collared shirt or an oversized button down with linen wide leg trousers.

A part of me feels as though the Clean girl aesthetic draws from the Coast Grandmother style and aesthetic. If you aren’t familiar with the fan favortied trend of Spring 2022 into Summer; the clean girl aesthetic is known as looking polished and put together, a clean makeup look, very reminiscent of a “model off-duty” look. As of late I have been obsessed with the Coastal Grandmother style and putting my own spin on it, with such a classic vibe I can foresee this trend staying with me for years to come.

5 Things I would do in my Coastal Grandmother Era

Wear my love’s button-down; with linen trousers or dad jeans with a heel and prominate cleavage.

Take long walks on the beach, or bike through the neighborhood with my dog.

Wear a signature stack or gold jewelry; rings, necklaces or bangles

Have fresh blooms from the local market or subscribe to a fresh flower delivery service

Keep a journal in my tote bag to write poetic phrases when inspiration strikes.

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