jumpsuits , one of my favorite style garments! Without a doubt, a statement style in itself because the head-to-toe, all-in-one garment creates a striking look that transcends past a simple skirt or pants and top combination, and into more fashionable territories. When I polled my stories on Instagram last week to see if you were loving jumpsuits for Spring Summer it was a 50 50 split with some saying you love them and some say you don’t wear or own one at all! So why are so many women still avoiding this trend-worthy style? Well, it isn’t always the easiest piece of clothing to pull off– or get on and off when you have to use the restroom! The Fashion pro’s out weigh the cons for me, I wear jumpsuits year round because of the versatility and this garment takes the guess work out of figuring out what to wear when I am in a time crunch.

Below I have pulled together a few jumpsuits I am swooning over for so many reasons, I am confident you will find one or two for an upcoming function or to buy and save for later.


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