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Can we chat for a moment about maskne?

With new mandates to wear mask in public the increased usage is causing some individuals to have breakouts.

What is this new phrase maskne? Acne typically develops when pores get clogged by bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. Causing unpleasant blemishes or pimples to pop up around the area of your face where your mask sits— And to be honest with you I have had a few flare ups myself.

I went to go see my friends over ATL Dermatology Experts and they took amazing care of my skin! To all of my Atlanta ladies, mention AMWSTYLED and receive 5% off any skin treatment of your choice!
I also have a few tips to share with you from my gals at ATL Dermatology to help combat maskne!

  1. Do you wear a reusable mask? If so, when you pull it off put it in a sunny spot in your car to help eliminate the microbes.
  2. I recommend getting a mask with soft fabrics, something like cotton or silk so that you can wash your mask weekly to get rid of all the oils and germs accumulated throughout the day.
  3. After a long day of wearing your mask, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face twice a day– morning and night
  4. Try to avoid wearing makeup under your mask and if you do wearing oil-free makeup underneath the mask can help reduce chances of breakouts. Also, use lip conditioners with more of a wax base or a lip serum to help hydrate the lips

For more severe cases please consult with your Dermatologist

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