For a fiercer take on your favorite seasonal classics like combat, chelsea and over the knee boots I would encourage you to take a peak at this curated selection below

Snakeskin Boots

Follow your animal instincts with this seasons leading animal print trend! Snakeskin is at the forefront and I am so here for it because snakeskin totally serves a neutral!

Lug Boots

When it comes to the best lug sole boots, there are endless options to choose from from colors to sole size. This boot style has sky rocketed on the trend charts and I just snagged my first pair!

Combat Boots

Much like the lug boot the combat style is similar in silhouette. This style deserves your attention and you will quickly see why as you start to shop for your first pair or a unique pair that evokes your inner fashionista!

Patent leather boots

When it comes to the type of finish on a clothing item in fashion patent is one of my all time favorites especially for boots. I grew up in Ohio where our roads and walkways were salt treated in the winter. This meant I had to constantly spray my boots to make them stain resistant in the event I stepped in salty snow– Not with the patent finish on my boots! All I had to do was take a damp rag and wipe them off which I loved! So with that being said, I would choose chic patent leather time and time again because they are weather proof!

Over the knee boots

A trend that is endorsed every Fall and Winter! I don’t think OTK boots will be going anywhere anytime soon because of the versatility and wearability! All major fashion houses and brands alike have made their version in many colors and patterns.

Everyday Boots

I have pulled some of your favorite effortlessly cool, with just the right amount of polish boots that are perfect for everyday wear.

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  1. David Glenn
    November 17, 2020 / 3:22 pm

    Good morning beautiful! Hope you are doing well!

    Just wondered if you are getting my texts. I haven’t heard from you since you got to Seatlle!

    Great videos on your blog!!

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