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Working from home for the past 6 years has afforded me the opportunity to perfect my AM ritual which helps me feel controlled, calm and powerful. Morning routines provide a way to feel accomplished and reach new levels of success before lunch time!

With so many of us still working from home there is great significance in having structure to your morning because it can set the tone for your day. I’ve noticed when you don’t have a proper routine that could be the difference between a productive or stagnant day.

These are merely suggestions from my own routine, that work for me. Please feel free to adopt any of these on this list that align with your lifestyle⁣

• Create a connection: whether that is watering your plants, belly rubs for your fur baby or sending a good morning text— Good morning text go a long way in my book ☺️ ⁣

• Create a list of top 3 priorities to complete by noon – Utilize the notepad section on your phone ⁣

• Take a moment to stretch as soon as you get out of bed ( I am a stomach sleeper so this is a must for me) ⁣ – be sure to set a reminder in your phone to continue to stretch through out the day.

• Lay out my outfit for the day – I retired quarantine sweats ages ago, staying in them all day does nothing for my productivity or self esteem ⁣

• Make your bed! It will elevate your mood every time you walk in and out of your bedroom throughout the day ⁣

• Open your blinds and curtains : Natural light is mood boosting ⁣

• Brew a fresh cup of your favorite coffee or tea⁣: The aromas can help with alertness

• Drink 8 oz of water within the first hour of waking up. Your body does most of its detoxing between the first few hours of you being awake ⁣

• Spritz on your favorite scent! Right now I am loving Gucci Guilty

• Apply makeup if that is desired, for me I am still client facing over video calls so I like to put a little on. ⁣

• Exercise⁣, whether that be at the gym you are a member of – or- block off a few moments in the morning and afternoon to get up and move!

• Before you get started with “work” do something that fuels your creativity – for me it is blogging, journaling and DIY crafts ⁣

My hope with sharing some insight into my routine is that you take away a few bullet points to add to your own to help better your work day. A good routine will help your It will help you be less forgetful and stressed and aid in self preservation.


Remember gratitude. You woke up today and there is always something to be grateful for! ⁣


Amanda M.


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