What makes fashion so exciting is seeing how fashionistas worldwide approach Fall style. No matter how cool it gets the on staple and trend that is always synonymous with Fall is classic trench coat.

Many of my favorite trench coats are splurges because this timeless and tailored piece can be worn for multiple seasons, I know that I will be getting my wear out of it for brisk days to come. When wearing a trench coat in the fall or spring add lightweight pieces like long sleeved blouses or shirts, cotton-wool blend sweaters, button down shirts and slacks or jeans for a layered look that provides additional warmth. Don’t be afraid to be daring with layering, add your cardigan or sweater on the outside of your jacket for a coastal grandma flair. Ahead you’ll find 10 trench coats that will for sure be a staple in your Fall… or Spring wardrobe.

The Trench Coat you didn’t know you needed

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