Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times… well the majority of the time haha. Many opt to hire professionals to help manage their wedding plans. However, I chose to plan my wedding side by side with my mother. My type A personality would not allow me to turn the most important moment of my life over to someone else to carry out my vision. Check out the other blog post under the wedding series to see how other aspects of my bridal journey went. Below are a few tips to take note of before choosing your dream team to help bring your wants and dreams to fruition. All of these vendors I worked with personally and would choose again and again.

Understand That You Have Options

Every vendor is unique and that no two wedding vendors, their service offerings, packages or pricing structures are the same. I strongly urge you to do your research and set aside time to have consultation phone calls with the list of vendors you make. Do not just settle on the first vendor that checks one of your boxes. If you have an unsettling feeling about a vendor or you start to hesitate about signing a contract, that vendor may not be the one for you and that is okay, there are plenty of businesses you can work with in your area or surrounding cities.


Found a wedding vendor the you love? Start a conversation! Ask about their availability, experience, pricing and packages. The more you know the better.

Read All Contracts

My mother and I read contracts for a living, so when it came time to sign on the dotted line for each wedding vendor I felt comfortable taking on the task of sifting through each contract and red lining what needed to be redacted. I understand not everyone may feel comfortable doing that, hire a wedding consultant to go over the contracts or a lawyer to review them for you. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for clarification on a line item or statement.

Wedding Vendor List:


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