In very hard times when I feel emotionally and spiritually bankrupt I find myself practicing these 5 self care strategies

Perhaps these might be helpful for you [Bookmark this post for later]⁣

1. Stay in tune with your body⁣
What is happening with your mind can also affect what is happening with your body.⁣
Stress can trigger breakouts and make existing acne issues worse.⁣
While getting facials can help [pictured @ellemesmedspa], and using your normal skin care regime. Practicing relaxation techniques can also help speed up the healing of your acne.⁣

2. Get enough sleep!! Do your best to keep a consistent sleep schedule. Sleeping is a basic human need like breathing. Sleep deficiency can lead to physical and mental health problems and loss of productivity

3. Unplug & Relax… when needed!⁣
During the time you unplug from the news, toxic energy try the following: ⁣
-Use scented candles or diffuse essential oils⁣
-Deep Breathing
-Read a book⁣
-Listen to music⁣
– Spend time with loved ones and friends⁣

4. Get outside & Get Active⁣
I love nature and hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities. If any of you are local to Atlanta Yonah Mountain trail and Tallulah Gorge are two of my favorites.⁣

If hiking isn’t your thing, go on a long walk or find a walking trail, opt for having lunch outside instead of indoors or just sit outside and listen to your favorite playlist.⁣

5. Creative Outlets such as painting (a passion of mine) help me to mellow out.⁣
A few others:⁣
-Try a DIY (Do It Yourself) project⁣
-Cooking or Baking⁣
-Work on anything or a project that inspires you⁣

– Buy that new planner/ organizer⁣
– That pair of shoes you have had your eye on⁣
– Or bottle of wine!⁣

I hope these help, tell me one way you practice more #selfcare below


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